Your Awesome Team


Movement Therapist, Mentor

Pilates Instructor
ELDOA practitioner
Movement for Trauma

My Story: I was diagnosed with scoliosis at 12. I lived the first 30 years of my life in chronic pain, with high anxiety, a hyper kyphosis and very little self esteem.In hope of avoiding spinal fusion surgery, I stumbled onto Pilates and entered the world of restorative movement. 

These discovery and new found passion changed my life. I defied the odds and avoided the surgery doctors told me was my only hope. I got to leave  my corporate executive assistant position to become an entrepreneur and opened The Loft in 1999.. 

I’ve learned since then that I really dislike managing people. I love having a studio, so I transformed The Loft into a clinic in 2018. My passion is teaching others to care for themselves. 

I love learning about the human body and its mind. The complexity of a human being and the layers of our self arboured is incredible. With over 20 years of clinical practice and observation, I have put The Loft Method in place. I have over the years certified excellent instructors. 

I direct my learning to acquire tools that connects us to the different facets of our being. Both the fascial and central nervous system inseparable connection and the restoring abilities of neuroplasticity and neuromuscular repatterning, helps us grow and heal. I’ve learned that by paying attention to yourself at those levels permanent changes occur inside and out. 

I mentor my clients towards permanent transformation. I assess and reassess the multi layers and systems of my clients weekly and taylor a program based on what their are telling me that week’s happenings. At the end of a class one will feel better connected, restored and grown.. 

I look forward to meeting you and assisting you in your journey.


Myriam’s sidekick and Therapy Dog

Brutus is a Golden-Doodle, a mix between and a golden retriever and a poodle. This gentle and well behaved giant loves people, animals, and children.

Brutus was chosen for his personality. He’s calm but not shy, smart, curious and engaged but not in your face. He’s a pleaser and a great communicator. He listens to everyone and he’s often welcomed back everywhere he goes.

Brutus was trained to be a therapy dog. We never took the test as my time is not allowing me to volunteering hours to honour the official title. So as much as I want Brutus to own that title, it will have to wait a bit longer.  

Brutus’ job is to make people feel good. And he does a great job at it. Clients and patients alike ask to spend time with him and he will only lick your face if you ask for kisses.