Myriam Pelletier, Movement Therapist

Living with scoliosis

"It is my own personal journey that has led me to specialize in scoliosis therapy. Through my quest to defy the odds of surgery and chronic pain, I have found a pathway to healing, and I invite you now to find yours."

I believe that anyone with deviation strong enough to be called a scoliosis, regardless of where they fall on the mobility chart, age group, gendere, with or without a rod holding their spine, C or S curve, can improve their condition with the right support in place.

The Spine is a coordination centre for our emotional, visceral and nervous systems.  MAKING PERMANENT CHANGES to your spine takes curiosity, learning, time, effort, and dedication.

Start by setting yourself goals or intention for this journey.

What would you like to see happening first?

What is your end result?

How does it work? How can you improve the deviation of your spine? 

The Loft Method digs deep. And because we all have musculoskeletal imbalances, we look at building support from the inside out. 

You’ll learn to connect to your psoas and retrain the many muscles compensating for the difference in length, tone and forces of this muscle.  While a symmetrical approach is needed for scoliosis to restore bilateral harmony, exception and personal adjustment are made during twisting motion particularly those combined with other spinal movements such as flexion and extension. 


The Loft Method builds awareness and empowers you to understand your inner world in the realm of the body and mind.