Group Classes

Group Classes

Smart Move

Wednesdays at 7:00pm

Format: Mat
Style: This is a lead class. Primary Pilates based with some ELDOAS
Ideal for: Pilates novice – Check out our Starter Offer!

I’ll take you on a journey. For an hour we’ll move towards improving joint functions and fascial agility while relaxing your nervous system. We use bands, weights, rollers, blocks, circles. Travelling from feet to head, we move in ways that restore and create permanent changes for maximum efficiency. Experience The Loft Method!


The Adventurer

Thursdays at 7:15pm

Format: Equipment
Style: This is a supervised class. Primary Pilates and Gyrotonic, ending with ELDOA
Ideal for: the experienced Pilates or the Pilates novice currently taking private sessions.

This class format helps develop inner confidence. My job is to assist, guide and support you through the entire hour. I take turns to work with everyone individually while you’re learning new exercises and building on the previous class. One must feel comfortable working independently with 3 others participants. We use the caddi, the reformer, the Wunda chair, The Pulley Tower (the Cobra) and small props. Experience The Loft Method!



Thursdays at 6:15pm

Format: Mat
Style: This is a lead class. Primary ELDOA with some Pilates or other form of movement
Ideal for: novice and expert alike

Let’s lengthen our connective tissues, strengthen our muscles and mobilize our joints. To ELDOA you need a functional trunk. Transitional movements included in this ELDOA practice will focus on core strength, hip mobility, hands and feet.